Esteban Maroto


Esteban Maroto

me after this past weekend. oof.

me after this past weekend. oof.

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check out my buddies photography blog! super talented guy.

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The year is 2014 and in the midst of constant infighting and sibling like rivalries Alberta has become a Hardcore-Punk powerhouse. Local guerrilla organizations such as Spirit of Truth and Garbage of the World along with internationally known heroes such as Quirkie have built a mecca for local and international bands to strut their respective stuffs. Purveyors and distributors of the harshest noise come from far and wide to demolish your brains and crush your ear drums for GARBAGE DAZE II: The Return. Shortly after during the peak of 2014 six of AB’s most promising embark on epic voyages and mystical spirit quest’s through the greater states to bring their own brands of twisted punk and HC right to your front fucking doors. I present you with.

Exotic Functions



Rhythm of Cruelty

Skin Colour


If any of these bands are playing your city this summer you would be a down right fool to miss it.

Stay tuned, Stay freaky.



NEW SPERM II CS: “My body is diamonds”

Updated tour dates. send me a message if you can help out with the no shows, reblog if you have friends in these cities! 

6/12 Kamloops - TRASHIN FEST
6/13 Kamloops - TRAHSIN FEST
6/14 Kamloops - TRASHIN FEST
6/15 Vancouver
6/16 Vancouver
6/17 Seattle***no show
6/18 Olympia
6/19 Portland
6/20 Eugene
6/21 Bay Area
6/22 San Jose
6/23 Fresno
6/24 Bakersfield
6/25 Los Angeles****no show
6/26 Las Vegas
6/27 Arizona/New Mexico***no show
6/28 Austin
6/29 Houston***no show
6/30 Dallas/Fort Worth***no show
7/1 Oklahoma City****no show
7/2 Denver***no show
7/3 Boise****no show
7/4 Edmonton
7/5 Calgary

perfect embodiment of NYC street skating.

perfect embodiment of NYC street skating.

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Yo USA homies can get the CROAK demo coming soon to Soap and Spikes distro in CALI.
ALSO UK homies can be getting it soon on Imminent Destruction Records!

Places to buy the CROAK demo