Why doesn’t Party Down get more love on here!? Show was fucking amazing, i don’t understand why everyone who worships The Office or Parks N rec isn’t all about Party Down.


playboy sean

Hi Sean ^_^

Work, eat, nap, eat, sleep, repeat.

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QuestionWhat's the funnest city you've visited? A new band you think is great? A new band you think is shit? Answer

1.) Probably Austin, Always have the best time there. Portland and Toronto are contenders though, i haven’t been very many places.

2.) DETESTADOS. people are gonna lose it when these guys record

3.) Whatever my next band is.

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Question1. who are the top 5 cutest people you follow 2. what are you most afraid of? 3. something I don't know about you Answer

1.) no particular order crawlingmantra, cirith—ungol, rose-torture, chainfight, buildmeabomb. This was hard, so many babes too little time.

2.) Heights, working on conquering this dumb ass fear.

3.) I am a huge MMA fan, probably biggest guilty pleasure

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QuestionWhat is your favorite food? Cats or dogs? Do you like to puke? Answer

Mexican food, Dogs, Only if i feel better after. 

Some records i picked up at the flea market the other day. Got kind of stiffed on the price for the Pointed Sticks record but the damned Lp is a German pressing from 1977 and goes for up to $50 which is quite more than i paid. so it kind of evens things out.



virgin thorns - ønske


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